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Creams, Cremes and Truffles

Whether you'd like to treat yourself or surprise a friend, Russell Stover's marshmallow and cream chocolate candies are an excellent choice. Available in many flavors, you could choose a trial size to add to a gift basket or as a special treat for yourself. You could also get a bag that's big enough to share with a few friends or loved ones. There are chocolate candy assortments with several flavors, or you could select a single flavor to try for the first time.

Assorted Creams
When you're not sure which type of chocolate cream your loved one likes the most, an assortment of chocolate cream candies is an excellent choice. Each candy rests in a foil wrapper, and there's a guide to show you which flavor is which. Available in a range of gift box sizes, they include these flavors:
Milk chocolate butter cream
Milk chocolate strawberry cream
Dark chocolate vanilla cream with white chocolate stripe
Dark chocolate with chocolate butter cream
Milk chocolate truffle with milk chocolate stripe

Milk Chocolate Coconut Creams
A light, fluffy coconut filling provides sweetness in these gift boxes of cream candies. Each candy is surrounded by a delectable milk chocolate coating.

White Fudge Coconut Crème
These creamy candies feature a coconut center surrounded by white fudge. They're an excellent way to satisfy a craving, and they pair well with chai tea.

Milk Chocolate Whips
Satisfy your sweet tooth with these milk chocolate whip candies. They feature a light, airy chocolate center and a sweet milk chocolate coating. Dark Chocolate Orange Creams These intensely flavored chocolate creams offer dark chocolate on the outside. The filling is light and fluffy, with the citrus taste of fresh oranges.

Dark Chocolate Chocolate Butter Creams
If you can never get enough chocolate, these are the candies for you. Chocolate butter cream in the center is surrounded by a rich dark chocolate candy coating for an intensely chocolate experience. Pair these with dark roast coffee or espresso for a luxurious break.

Milk Chocolate Vanilla Creams
Experience chocolate and vanilla together with these cream candies. A sweet and light vanilla filling is surrounded by a thick layer of milk chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Bar
If you like s'mores when camping, you'll love these milk chocolate marshmallow bars. There's no need for a campfire with this creamy marshmallow filling topped with a layer of caramel and crushed peanuts and surrounded by milk chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Marshmallow Delight
This two-bite treat offers the fluffy sweetness of marshmallow topped with caramel and crushed peanuts. A chocolate coating surrounds the tasty layers.

Milk Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel
These bite-size candies feature a marshmallow topped with a layer of caramel. A light milk chocolate coating envelops them, creating a luscious treat.

Marshmallow Bars
Light marshmallow filling is the centerpiece of these treats, and a layer of milk chocolate surrounds them. Choose piña colada, banana split or peanut butter fluff flavors for these satisfying delicacies.