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Milk Chocolate

When you want to send chocolate to a friend, milk chocolates are a classic favorite. Russell Stover chocolate candies include sugar-free options, too. If you'd like a treat for yourself or to share with someone who's watching their sugar consumption, you'll find traditional fine milk chocolates as well as sugar-free candies made with all-natural stevia extract instead of sugar.

Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Candies
When you're watching your sugar intake, you don't have to forego your favorite treats. Some of the sugar-free milk chocolate options include:
Milk chocolate caramels, Mint patties, Nut clusters Coconut morsels, Truffles Pecan delights,

Milk Chocolate Coconut Candies
The pairing of chewy, sweet coconut with satisfying milk chocolate is an excellent combination. Some of the milk chocolate and coconut candies include:
Coconut creams
Coconut morsels
Coconut clusters

Milk Chocolate with Peanuts
The crunchy and salty peanuts paired with a milk chocolate coating create a satisfying candy. The Russell Stover peanut and chocolate pairings include:
Chocolate peanut butter cups
Peanut butter crunch bars
Milk chocolate covered peanuts
Chocolate peanut clusters
Milk chocolate peanut butter fluff

Milk Chocolate Caramels
Creamy, sweet caramel paired with milk chocolate is an exquisite combination. The available milk chocolate caramel candies include:
Milk chocolate caramels with dark chocolate stripes
Caramel bar
Milk chocolate marshmallow delight
Dairy cream caramels

Milk Chocolate and Nuts
The combination of pecans, cashews or almonds and milk chocolate is crunchy and satisfying. Choose from flavors including:
Pecan delights
Chocolate covered mixed nuts
Chocolate covered almonds
Sea salt pecan delights
Cashew clusters
Almond clusters
Hazelnut clusters
Pecan and English walnut clusters

Milk Chocolate Creams
A fluffy cream center surrounded with a milk chocolate coating is a delightful after-dinner treat or snack. The flavor options are:
Maple Nut

Milk Chocolate Mint Candies
Fresh, zesty mint paired with creamy milk chocolate delights the palate. Choose from: 
French mint miniatures
French mints
Mint patties
Milk chocolate mint dream bars

Milk Chocolate Cherries
Tart, juicy cherries paired with sweet milk chocolate make for a tasty combination. These candies include cherry cordials and preserved cherries coated in red milk chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Malted Balls
These crunchy candies pair a crispy malt center with a coating of sweet milk chocolate.

Milk Chocolate Candy Assortments
You don't have to choose just one flavor of milk chocolate candies to try. The chocolate candy gift assortments offer the chance to sample several varieties in a pretty package. These assortments include milk chocolate bars, truffles, mint patties, coconut clusters, covered nuts, peanut butter cups and creams.