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Single Flavor Boxes and Bags

Sometimes, choosing your favorite chocolate flavor can be difficult. For times like that, you can select from one of several multi-flavor collections. When you know exactly what you want, though, and you want a lot of it, these single-flavor boxes are just what you need.

As the name suggests, Russell Stover single-flavor boxes are full to the brim with just one type of delicious chocolate. Whether you're craving some Milk Chocolate Vanilla Creams, Dark Chocolate Molasses Chews, or Pecan Delights, you can enjoy the same sweet satisfaction again and again when you choose one of these collections. Though the boxes range in sizes, each is packed with generous portions so that you can savor seconds, thirds, and even fourths if you can resist the urge to eat the entire box.

A single-flavor box makes a great gift when you know what the recipient enjoys. By buying their favorite Russell Stover candy en masse, you show that you take the time to notice their likes and dislikes and want to help them indulge their sweet tooth. There won't be any chocolates that people avoid when the entire box is made up of the single chocolate they enjoy most.

Of course, there's nothing stopping you picking up a second box of confections that include your favorite sweet treat. Then, you and your friend or family member can satisfy your cravings together. If you and the recipient enjoy the same type of chocolate, pick out one of the larger sizes that's perfect for sharing..

When it comes to what to choose, you've got plenty of options. If you prefer a fruity surprise along with your chocolate, then the  Dark Chocolate Orange Creams, or Dark Chocolate Coconut Creams provide a delicious contrast with a burst of flavor. For something a little more subtle, perhaps a box of some Milk Chocolate Butter Cream Caramels will be to your liking.

If you're nuts about nuts, then Russell Stover offers plenty of options. Among these are the Milk Chocolate Pecan Delights, Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters, Milk Chocolate Pecan/English Walnut Clusters, and Milk Chocolate Cashew Clusters. However, if nuts aren't your thing, then perhaps some Dark Chocolate Molasses Chews, Dark Chocolate Roman Nougat, Milk Chocolate Vanilla Creams, or refreshing Mint Patties will satisfy your cravings.

Whichever boxes you choose from the single-flavor collection, you can be sure they are all made with the signature Russell Stover care and quality that will make you proud to give them as a gift. Of course, this same quality and commitment to exceptional flavor make Russel Stover chocolate a great treat to enjoy whether there's a special occasion to celebrate or not.