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Sugar Free Chocolate Candy

When you're watching your sugar intake or want to give a gift of treats to a friend who's watching theirs, sugar-free candies sweetened with all-natural stevia extract are an excellent choice. You get all of the rich flavor of chocolate without added sugar. Here are some of the top sugar-free chocolate candies available in trial to wow! size boxes and bags.

Sugar-Free Almond and Chocolate Candy Bar - Relish the crunch of almonds and the sweetness of chocolate in this sugar-free almond and chocolate candy bar.

Sugar-Free Caramel and Chocolate Candy Bar - If you prefer sweet, creamy caramel, this is the candy bar for you. The caramel center filling is surrounded by no-guilt sugar-free milk chocolate.

Sugar-Free Pecan Delights - These delectable sugar-free pecan delights hit all the right buttons. The nutty, crunchy pecan is surrounded by a layer of caramel and coated with milk chocolate for a satisfying treat.

Sugar-Free Assortment - If you can't decide which flavor of sugar-free chocolate to try, or you love them all, these assorted chocolate candies with all-natural stevia extract are an excellent choice. These assortments include dark chocolate mint patties, chocolate candy peanut butter cups, chocolate candy caramels, chocolate candy pecan delights and chocolate candy coconut medallions.

Sugar-Free Milk Chocolate Peanut, Caramel and Nougat - These lavish candies feature a center of chopped roasted peanuts, creamy nougat and chewy caramel. They're surrounded by sugar-free milk chocolate. Sugar-Free Assorted Miniatures - Satisfy your chocolate cravings with these assorted sugar-free chocolate candies. The flavors include dark and milk chocolate truffles, French mint chocolate candies and dark chocolate raspberry truffles.

Sugar-Free Multi-Flavor Chocolate Candies - Experience sugar-free chocolate with your favorite flavors in this assortment. The assortment includes coconut, caramel, mint, pecan delights and dark chocolate candies.

Sugar-Free Coconut - The chewy, sweet texture and taste of coconut expertly pairs with sugar-free milk chocolate in these bite-size candies.

Sugar-Free Toffee Squares - Buttery, crunchy toffee satisfies your craving for salty and sweet, and the milk chocolate coating made with all-natural stevia extract creates a pleasing finish.

Sugar-Free Crispy Caramels - The crispy rice resting on top of creamy caramel creates a pleasing texture. These layers are surrounded by sugar-free milk chocolate, making a tasty after-dinner treat.

Sugar-Free Caramels - Sometimes, simple is best, and these sugar-free chocolate caramels are an excellent example. Creamy caramel filling surrounded by milk chocolate sweetened with all-natural stevia extract please any appetite.

Sugar-Free Chocolate Covered Peanuts - Salty roasted peanuts covered in sugar-free milk chocolate are a perfect pairing. Sugar-Free Almond Delights - If you prefer almonds to pecans, or you want to give your friend a lavish gift basket, consider these sugar-free almond delights. A whole almond topped with a layer of caramel and surrounded by chocolate create a decadent snack.

Sugar-Free Strawberry Creams - A fluffy, light strawberry filling with a smooth sugar-free chocolate coating is a pleasant treat to enjoy any time of the day.

Sugar-Free Peanut Butter Crunch - These sugar-free peanut butter crunch candies with a milk chocolate coating deliver just the right amount of salty and crunchy.