Dark Chocolate


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Dark Chocolates

The intense, rich flavor of dark chocolate is a favorite of many people. Whether you'd like to treat yourself or give a gift of dark chocolate candies to a friend or loved one, there are a lot of options. Choose from a trial size for a gift basket or a wow-sized bag to share at a special event.

Mint Patties

These classic chocolate candies feature a creamy center filling of fresh mint and a thin layer of satisfying dark chocolate.

Dark Chocolate Assortment Box

If you're not sure which flavor your friend likes, or they like them all, this dark chocolate candy assortment is the right choice. It includes dark chocolate coconut morsels, nut clusters, mint patties, truffles, creams and almonds.

Dark Chocolate Almonds

This pairing of roasted whole almonds and intense dark chocolate is not just decadent, it's a healthy treat. The crunch of the almond and sweetness of dark chocolate pair well together.

Dark Chocolate Raisins

A sweet, chewy raisin surrounded by rich dark chocolate is a tasty, refined snack.

Dark Chocolate Peanuts

Salty roasted peanuts with a thick coating of flavorful dark chocolate are a luscious treat for any time of the day.

Dark Chocolate Chocolate Butter Creams

A light, fluffy peanut butter cream filling coated with dark chocolate satisfies your craving for a sweet treat.

Dark Chocolate Raspberry Parfaits

Whipped raspberry parfait filling and a divine layer of dark chocolate come together for a burst of flavor in these chocolate candies.

Dark Chocolate Butter Cream Caramels

Buttery, soft caramel is surrounded by a coating of dark chocolate in these decadent treats.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Clusters

Crunchy, sweet coconut and a deep, rich dark chocolate coating make these candies a favorite of chocolate lovers.

Dark Chocolate Pecan/English Walnut Clusters

Chopped walnuts and English pecans make a satisfying crunch, and the intense dark chocolate coating offers a delectable finish.

Dark Chocolate Almond Clusters

Crunchy clusters of almonds coated with pleasurable dark chocolate make this a top treat for special occasions.

Dark Chocolate Orange Creams

Light, fluffy orange filling is surrounded by a complementary intense dark chocolate coating.

Dark Chocolate Molasses Chews

Chewy molasses filling with a coating of dark chocolate offers a gratifying treat any time of the day.

Dark Chocolate Cherries

Juicy tart cherries contrast with the sweetness of dark chocolate in a pairing that delights the taste buds.

Dark Chocolate S'Mores

There's no need to build a campfire when you have these dark chocolate s'mores. A square of dark chocolate topped with a fluffy marshmallow and honey graham crackers offers crunchy and sweet flavors.

Dark Chocolate Pistachio Delights

Chewy caramel topped with chopped pistachio pieces and a coating of dark chocolate delivers a dreamy experience.

Dark Chocolate Chocolate Truffles

Creamy dark chocolate filling with a coating of more dark chocolate satisfies your chocolate craving in just one bite.

Dark Chocolate Coconut Creams

Fluffy coconut filling with a coating of dark chocolate offers the sweet and intense flavors you crave.