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When you would like to surprise a friend with a gift or just want to treat yourself, sugar-free coconut morsels are a delectable option. Made with all-natural stevia extract, these chocolate and coconut candies still satisfy a sweet tooth. These are ideal morsels for people who are watching their sugar consumption and for everyone who enjoys the sweet pairing of chocolate and coconut.

Sugar-Free Coconut Morsels

The Russell Stover sugar-free coconut chocolate morsels have a creamy coconut filling enveloped with milk chocolate. The round, bite-sized pieces melt in the mouth. They are individually wrapped, and you can choose from a trial size to try them out or a bigger size to satisfy a daily chocolate craving. This is a great treat to have on hand for anyone who loves the sweetness of coconut and milk chocolate.

Assorted Chocolate Candies

Chocolate coconut morsels are also available in chocolate assortments from Russell Stover. This is a nice way to have a chocolate coconut morsel with lunch and a different flavor, such as a chocolate pecan delight or peanut butter cup, in the evening. These mixtures also include chocolate truffles. All of the candies in the chocolate assortments are made with all-natural stevia extract and are sugar-free. Choose from a dark chocolate mix of candies or milk chocolate varieties. Both types of chocolate pair well with the coconut filling. These assorted candies are available in small sizes to bags big enough to share.

Sugar-Free Multi-Flavor Chocolate Candies

If your loved one likes blends of nutty or sweet flavors with their chocolate, the sugar-free multi-flavor chocolate candy assortments are a smart option. They include milk chocolate coconut morsels, peanut butter cups, chocolate pecan delights, and mint patties. Each of the sugar-free candies in these assortments has all-natural stevia extract.