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Coconut and chocolate is a classic combination. There's just something magical about the way sweet coconut topped with rich chocolate melts in your mouth. Russell Stover offers a delectable array of coconut and chocolate candies that will delight anyone on your gift-giving list. From creamy coconut drenched in white chocolate to toasted coconut dipped in decadent dark chocolate, you'll find just the right combination.

You don't need a special occasion to give someone you love a beautiful gift box filled with milk chocolate coconut creams or milk chocolate coconut clusters. Coconut creams have a mouthwatering center that combines creaminess with a little bit of coconut crunch. It's topped with a rich milk chocolate that melts in the mouth. For a more traditional version, coconut clusters are made with toasted coconut coated with milk chocolate.

For pure coconut and dark chocolate indulgence, dark chocolate coconut creams or dark chocolate coconut clusters are the perfect choice. Whether you're searching for a special birthday gift, something for an anniversary or a "just because" surprise, these indulgent coconut and chocolate candies are going to make someone very happy. Just like the milk chocolate versions, these dark chocolate treats come in creamy and toasted coconut options.

White fudge coconut cremes are decadent bites of pure bliss. Creamy coconut is simply covered with melt-in-the-mouth white fudge for a taste that will have you wanting more. These individually wrapped candies come in a convenient bag that you can easily take anywhere. Leave one in your car, put one in your purse or bring one to the office. Dark chocolate coconut, dark chocolate coconut favorites and sugar-free coconut versions with all-natural stevia also come in handy bags.

You deserve something special, too. Make sure to treat yourself to one of these beloved coconut and chocolate candies.