Coconut, Mint & Cherry


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Mint & Cherry

The pairing of chocolate and mint is a classic, and now you can try different combinations of them or send some to a loved one. Cherry and chocolate also make a tasty pairing. Choose one of the little gift boxes or bags for a gift basket or a generously sized bag to share or have on hand when the craving strikes.

Milk Chocolate Mint Melts

These dainty candies feature the classic French mint flavor. Surrounded by milk chocolate, these fresh mint candies are an excellent treat for after a meal. They're also ideal for giving because they're arranged in an elegant copper-foil box.

Chocolate Mint Dream Bars

Fluffy mint cream is at the center of these chocolate candies. They're available with milk or dark chocolate coatings.

Chocolate Roman Nougats

Chopped almonds embedded into cherry nougat set these chocolate candies apart. Choose a dark chocolate or milk chocolate coating. These are excellent for celebrating holidays and special occasions.

Chocolate Cherry Cordials

This classic chocolate candy features a rich cherry surrounded by dark or milk chocolate. Choose a box with either flavor or an assortment of milk and dark chocolate cordials. They pair well with coffee or an evening beverage.

Mint Patties

Cleanse your palate after dinner or take a much-deserved break with one of these mint patties. A creamy mint center is surrounded by rich dark chocolate.

French Mints

Have a luxurious snack with these French mints. The light, fluffy center features an intense mint flavor. A sweet milk chocolate coating complements the fresh mint. Choose them in standard or mini sizes.

Chocolate Mint Dream Bars

Fluffy mint cream is surrounded by a delicious layer of chocolate in these chocolate mint dream bars. Choose a dark chocolate or milk chocolate coating. These bars are an ideal size for adding to a gift basket.