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Sugar Free Truffles

When you would like to give a gift to someone special, chocolates are always a good idea. If your loved ones are watching their sugar consumption, Russell Stover's sugar-free truffles, made with all-natural stevia extract, are a smart and tasty choice. These truffles are available in package sizes ranging from a little taste to enough to share with friends and family.

Dark Chocolate Truffle Bars

The sugar-free dark chocolate truffle bars come in a rectangular shape, and the center of each rectangle contains the rich truffle filling. These individually wrapped bars are just right to satisfy a sweet tooth with all-natural stevia extract instead of sugar. Because they are made of dark chocolate, it only takes one or two bites to satisfy the craving for chocolate.

Sugar-Free Assortment

When someone you know loves all types of chocolates, the sugar-free assortment is a wonderful gift. It contains sugar-free mint, coconut, raspberry, milk chocolate, and dark chocolate truffles. The assortments also include caramel pecan delight and peanut butter cups. Each flavor of these sugar-free truffles is made with all-natural stevia extract, and all are individually wrapped. Your lucky recipients can choose the flavor that suits their mood on any given day. This is also a lovely gift when you're not sure which type of truffle your loved one prefers. Choose a bag or tub.

Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle

These sugar-free dark chocolate raspberry truffles, made with all-natural stevia extract, are decadent. The rich raspberry truffle filling is surrounded by a dark chocolate coating, melding these two satisfying flavors together. They are a perfect treat to pair with a cup of dark roast coffee or an espresso. They also pair nicely with cafe au lait. The tart flavor of raspberry and deep sweetness of dark chocolate complement each other in a satisfying way. Each truffle is individually wrapped, making them easy to take along when running errands. You can also give them to friends as they leave your office, home, or shop.

Sugar-Free Assorted Miniatures

For a friend who loves chocolate but just wants a little at a time, the sugar-free assorted miniatures are the perfect choice. This is also a nice way to treat yourself. The assortment includes milk and dark chocolate truffles, French mint chocolate candies, and dark chocolate raspberry truffles. Each sugar-free chocolate truffle is made with all-natural stevia extract. Enjoy the melt-in-your-mouth flavor without the added sugar.