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Save up to 25% off Select Caramel Candies. Shop Sugar Free
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Sugar Free Mints

When you'd like a sweet treat but you're watching your sugar intake, Russell Stover's sugar-free mints, made with all-natural stevia extract, are an excellent choice. Pick some out for your own sweet tooth, or if you're looking for a little gift for a friend who is watching their sugar consumption, they make a nice surprise or addition to a gift basket.

Sugar-Free Mint Patties

These mint patties, made with all-natural stevia extract, are a favorite of many. Enveloped in milk or dark chocolate, the patties have a circular shape. They are available in a trial size or bigger bag.

Mint Chocolate Bars

If you or your friend enjoys a thicker candy, sugar-free mint chocolate bars are a good option. They feature a thick, creamy mint filling. Choose dark chocolate mint bars or milk chocolate mint bars. Both pair well with hot cocoa for a sweet finish to a meal or a mid-day break.

Sugar-Free French Mints

Made in a delicate rectangular shape, these sugar-free French mints are individually wrapped. They are a guilt-free treat for a morning break or a refreshing dessert.

Sugar-Free Assorted Miniatures

The chocolate candy assortments include French mints, dark chocolate bars, and milk chocolate bars. This is a nice option when you like the cool, refreshing taste of mint once in a while, but sometimes you just want simple milk or dark chocolate. If you are unsure of what flavor of chocolate your loved one prefers, this sugar-free assortment of chocolate candies is certain to be a hit.

Sugar-Free Multi-flavor Candies

When you like your chocolate candies to have more than one flavor, these assorted chocolates are the right pick. They include richly sweet chocolate pecan delights, which pair a whole pecan with creamy caramel and a milk or dark chocolate coating. Peanut butter cups are a classic pairing of creamy peanut butter and milk chocolate. Coconut morsels, made with a creamy coconut filling and dark or milk chocolate coating, are also part of the assortment of chocolate candies. The sugar-free mints, covered in milk or dark chocolate, complete these assortments of candies. Choose one based on your mood or to complement your coffee, tea, or cocoa. This is also a great gift when you're not sure which chocolate candies your friend likes or when your friend likes all types of chocolate. Each of the sugar-free candies is made with all-natural stevia extract.