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Caramel, Nougat and Toffee

Treat yourself or surprise a loved one with a gift of caramel, nougat or toffee chocolate candies. Russell Stover's single-flavor and assortment options make it easy to try something new or have a range of options ready to satisfy a craving. Choose from a trial size or an elegant gift box that's perfect for special occasions.

Caramels and Nuts Assortment
This chocolate gift box assortment features creamy milk and dark chocolate candies, and it's the right size for sharing or for parties. The flavors include:
Milk chocolate pecan delights
Milk chocolate peanut clusters
Milk chocolate toffee squares
Dark chocolate nut caramels
Milk chocolate caramels with dark chocolate stripes
Dark chocolate panned almonds

Assorted Caramels
Enjoy creamy caramel combined with chocolate in this gift box assortment. The flavors include milk chocolate peanut chews, dark chocolate caramel and milk chocolate fruit and nut candies.

Milk Chocolate Toffee Squares
Crunchy, buttery toffee topped with sweet milk chocolate satisfies the most intense cravings. This gift box is also ideal for adding to a basket of candies for a loved one.

Milk Chocolate Caramels
Relish the rich combination of creamy caramel surrounded by a milk chocolate coating and topped with a dark chocolate stripe.

Nut, Chewy and Crisp Assortment
This gift box assortment of chocolate candies includes coconut clusters, molasses chews, fruit and nut caramels and cashew clusters. These decadent flavor combinations allow you to choose a piece that suits your fancy.

Butter Nut Crunch
Treat yourself to an almond toffee bar dipped into satisfying milk chocolate and rolled in crushed almonds. This makes a perfect after-dinner treat.

Dark Chocolate Molasses Chews
These intense candies feature dark chocolate filled with chewy molasses.

Caramel Big Bite Bar
If you have simple tastes, these caramel bars are an excellent choice. Sweet, creamy caramel is surrounded by a thick, rich layer of milk chocolate. Pecan Delights These classic candies begin with a pecan and a layer of creamy caramel. A coating of chocolate creates a decadent taste. They are available with milk or dark chocolate coatings.

Milk Chocolate Marshmallow and Caramel
Sweet, fluffy marshmallow with a layer of caramel and coating of milk chocolate melt in your mouth. Pair them with hot cocoa for a lavish dessert.

Almond Delights
If you prefer almonds to pecans or want to try something new, these chocolate candies are sure to please. Chopped roasted almonds with a layer of caramel and coating of milk chocolate create an ideal blend of crunchy, salty, chewy and sweet. Dairy Cream Caramels These bite-size candies are made of sweet, creamy caramel and topped with delectable milk chocolate. Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Delight Chopped hazelnuts dropped into creamy caramel and surrounded by milk chocolate are an ideal treat for a special occasion.

Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Pecan Delight
These chocolate candies are just like traditional pecan delights with the addition of a sprinkle of sea salt. The result is a satisfying salty, sweet and chocolaty treat.