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Assorted Chocolate

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Sugar Free Assorted Chocolates

When you'd like to send chocolates to a loved one who is mindful of their sugar intake, sugar-free chocolates are a smart choice. Sugar-free chocolate candy offers the creamy texture and sweetness you'd expect from chocolate but without the sugar. Instead, these sugar-free candies use all-natural stevia extract, a natural sweetener.

If you're not sure what your special someone likes, a sugar-free chocolate assortment that includes dark and milk chocolate is a good option. These assortments include coconut and mint patties, chocolate-covered caramels and chocolate-covered nuts. When you know what your loved one's favorite chocolates are, you could send them a gift of just those. Russell Stover sugar-free pecan delights combine the nutty flavor of pecans with chewy caramel and a smooth chocolate finish. Peanut butter cups are always a favorite, and the stevia chocolate peanut butter candies with no sugar combine these two rich flavors to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.

Russell Stover sugar-free mint patties are a refreshing treat, and they combine creamy mint with a light chocolate coating. Some people prefer simple chocolate bars, and you can choose from milk or dark chocolate stevia candy bars. Pair sugar-free caramel with cafe au lait or an espresso for a luxurious start to the day. If your friend loves all types of chocolates and all flavors, a mix of sugar-free candies allows them to choose what suits their fancy on any given day..