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Sugar Free Dark Chocolate

When you are looking for a gift for loved ones who are watching their sugar intake, Russell Stover's sugar-free dark chocolate is a great option. Dark chocolate's rich, deep flavor satisfies every sweet tooth. Made with all-natural stevia extract, there are many sugar-free dark chocolate varieties to consider for yourself, a friend, or a family member.

Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Truffles - Sugar-free dark chocolate truffles have a smooth, creamy filling and a rich chocolate coating. Individually wrapped, they are an ideal way to finish a meal. They also pair well with coffee beverages.

Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Assortments - Perhaps you're not sure of which type of dark chocolate your loved one prefers. With a sugar-free dark chocolate assortment, your friend can choose what suits their mood. These chocolate candy assortments include nuts, mint patties, peanut butter cups, caramels, miniature bars, and truffles. They are available in trial to large sizes that are perfect for gatherings.

Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Miniatures - When your loved one has simple tastes, sugar-free dark chocolate miniatures do the trick. These miniature chocolate bars are individually wrapped and an ideal treat to bring along when running errands. They also pair well with a favorite after-dinner beverage to satisfy a craving for sweets.

Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Pecan Delights - Take the traditional pecan delight up a notch with these sugar-free dark chocolate pecan delights. The nutty flavor of the pecan, sweetness and chewiness of the caramel, and rich flavor of the dark chocolate meld perfectly together. These satisfying sugar-free dark chocolate pecan delights are wrapped individually and come in small to sharing-size bags.

Sugar-Free Mint Patties - Sugar-free dark chocolate provides an ideal contrast to the crisp, cool flavor of mint in Russell Stover's dark chocolate mint patties. The bold flavor of mint and chocolate together is a satisfying post-meal treat that pairs well with coffee or hot cocoa.

Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Medallions - The bitter, bold flavor of dark chocolate can be a strong craving, and these sugar-free dark chocolate medallions are a tasty way to indulge. Just one or two pieces satiates the urge to enjoy chocolate. Because these dark chocolate medallions are made with all-natural stevia extract, they are a nice break any time of the day and for anyone managing their sugar.

Multi-Flavor Sugar-Free Dark Chocolate Candies - Treat your friend or family member to all the flavors of Russell Stover dark chocolates with the multi-flavor sugar-free dark chocolate bags. These chocolate candy assortments include dark chocolate-covered toffee squares, peanut butter cups, mint patties, and pecan delights. This is an excellent gift for loved ones who like their dark chocolate paired with another flavor.